A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the great.
Proverb 18:16
Do I even have a gift? Why am I here? “What’s my purpose?” Just imagine what life might be like when you find the answer to these questions. As a professional dancer and a life coach, I am on a mission to help people identify their God given gift, fully express it in order to live an impactful and successful life. I help them embrace their gifts, remain authentic, understand their purpose in life, and act upon it. I am specialized in connecting you with your gifts and talents through a unique expression: dance. I use a combination of dance, focus, self-reflection, and confidence building to WOW yourself and live on purpose by following my 5-LAYER PROGRAM :
  • Identify Your Gift
  • Unwrap Your Gift
  • Embrace Your Gift
  • Reinvent Yourself
  • Be on Purpose.

5-Layer Program to Raise your Self Value

Identify Your Gift:

Learning that you have a gift, and that you are that gift is the first step. You will learn to leave behind the fear and trauma that has accompanied you on your journey and disassociate from labels that have been placed upon you. Discover the gift that has come from God to move through you into the world. Follow each step to find your God-given purpose.Book Now »

Unwrap Your Gift

Learning about how your gift is specific to you and sets you apart from others is key to finding your place in the world. Dig deeper into the gift that you have been given and how to connect with it. You will discover how to use it, and how it flows through you to affect the world around you.Book Now »

Embrace Your Gifts

To embrace your gift, you will learn to sit with it, spend time with it, connect in a bigger way.
Clear steps will be provided for gaining a clear understanding of what gift you possess and how it fits in your life. Find how to use your gift in the ways that only you can, as it is specifically yours and unmatched with anyone else. You may find it is not the one that you wanted, or expected, but discover how and why it was meant for you.Book Now »

Reinvent Yourself

After discovering and connecting, embracing your gift, learn how that gift connects you to your God. Using your gift you will deepen, or begin, a relationship with God and connect with this source of all your gifts. Clear steps are provided for how to move forward and reinforce this connection to build self-love, creativity, and purpose.Book Now »

Be On Purpose

Now you have discovered and embraced your gifts, move forward with your new confidence and purpose. After years of just going through each day to get to the next, move purposefully through each moment. Learn to harness the power from each of these lessons and funnel them into your purpose. This will spread through you and into those around you, until you find yourself surrounded with others who share your ideas and beliefs, until you are unstoppable.Book Now »

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You are unique, unreproducible, and irreplaceable. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.


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